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Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, when Coronavirus has affected all the nations across the globe, and everybody stuck at home and working remotely, business owners are switching to digital strategies to survive Covid-19. To make their ends meet during these testing times, an increased number of companies are trying to reap the most out of it by using digital technology.


Source: cdc.gov/coronavirus

  • Importance of Digital Marketing Services During COVID-19
  • Top Marketing Strategies During COVID-19
  • Conclusion

Impact Of COVID19 On Businesses

  • The companies are focusing on finding out new avenues to cut their costs down so that they can survive during this uncertain time and help their business sail through tough times.

  • It has become immensely challenging for the companies that survived on the face-to-face business, thus posting a significant threat to the survival of these companies. 


  • As these companies are not digitally sound enough, and therefore they lack the marketing strategies concerning customer relations, which is also causing hindrance to their survival.

  • The loss is shocking for businesses that used to run on referrals made by the customers or on old reputations.

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Importance of Digital Marketing Services During COVID-19

Some of the points that explain the importance of digital marketing strategies at such pandemic times are:

  • The companies are incurring an excessive amount of loss due to canceled conferences and events.  Considering the money spent on arranging these conferences, round the year preparation, and time spent, it is a huge loss indeed for these organizations. 

  • To sail through these difficult times, digital marketing is the right thing now, and many companies are trying to adapt to these new norms. 

  • The organizations that did not give much importance to having a Facebook or Instagram page are also opting for creating SEO marketing, content marketing, and social marketing strategies.

While some might feel that once the lockdown ends, everything will be back to normal, but the experts have something different to say. The dependence on digital platforms is here to stay, and people would still prefer web channels or digitized platforms instead of insisting on an in-person meeting, thus ensuring a change for a longer time.

Top Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Some of the marketing strategies that one can use include innovation, resilience, empathy, and agility. Here are some of the tips that companies can use to survive during these testing times.

#1: Incorporate the marketing strategies keeping the pandemic in mind:

While planning the marketing strategies, the companies plan it depending on the current trends. While planning the marketing strategies during this time, you need to be very cautious and strategize the policies on how to handle your business during this challenging phase.

 Pretending that nothing has happened and planning the strategies, as usual, can bring in more problems for you. You must remember that we are in a delicate situation and if the companies take any wrong decision that can be costly in the long run. So, how should the companies plan marketing techniques during these uncertain times?

Some additional tips for your overall safety are:

  • Firstly, you must acknowledge that everybody is at home, and they have ample time in their hands, and they are unsure about what they should do. 

  • Some are also going crazy out of boredom while being confined at home for an indefinite period. Hence, things are not the same now. Be cautious throughout. 

  • In the given situation, the interests of people have also changed. You need to identify this change and act accordingly. 

  • Instead of asking the customers to come and buy your products, you can create advertisement campaigns with the help of digital marketing strategies. In this way, you can seek people’s attention so that they can use their free time to complete the DIY or gardening tasks that you have put off due to lack of time. 

  • Asking customers to perform DIY or gardening tasks can help address various needs during this time.

#2 Shift your typical business online

With the pandemic spreading at a rapid level and the government declaring a worldwide lockdown, the norm has suddenly changed to social distancing. 

Hence, the companies that run on the face to face relationships must recreate their strategies to bring a change to the way of doing business. Have a close look at the different areas of the industry such as logistics, marketing, sales, and then try them shifting online.

If the companies are not able to rethink and create online strategies, the companies might face extremely challenging situations as nobody knows for how long this situation will last.

#3 Recreate the website: 

Although many companies have websites, they neglect them as they get busy in their everyday business. With the websites being ignored, most of the companies lack SEO techniques, thus bringing less traffic to the site. However, considering the current situations, it is time for the companies to start using them to stay in business. 

  • If you have not had the time to look at your website, this is the best time to perform a website audit to make it functional and operative.

  • Sprucing up the company’s websites is one of the best techniques that one might try to survive in this crucial situation. Also, performing a website audit will help you to understand if the website is running correctly. 

  • If you find any flaw, you must connect with the right digital marketing agency and continue to avail of the benefits of the same.

A beneficial process for getting the best conversion rate is forming landing pages that one can opt for that during this time.

Lastly, you must not forget to update your website’s content and continue to add products and services on your page to grab the attention of the visitors. A digital marketing agency can help update the structure of your navigation page or assist with changing the pictures.  

Additionally, you must conduct keyword research and also make your SEO updated. In case, if you want to update your blogs, you must do it and adapt to the new changes.

#4 Create advertisement campaigns online: 

Image Source : Wordstream

When it comes to online advertisement campaigns, the research based on keywords comes in handy. In case, if you have Google advertisements, then you must conduct a close check of the advertisement platforms and the website to rule the campaigns that are relevant in the current time.  

You may also create new advertisements campaigns considering the situation. You can use programs like google display advertisements or google remarketing or shopping ads that are well known for giving quick results. They can provide a new shape for your business very rapidly.

#5 Updating your presence on social media:

The presence of social media is everywhere, and this is the place where you can engage the customers.  Facebook ads are viral, and they are well known for drawing a huge number of visitors with the availability of a variety of advertisement campaigns.  LinkedIn advertisements are a good option for B2B organizations.

#6 Some other business strategies that can help you survive:

Creating video content, anticipating the needs of the customers, making the right decision when it comes to our marketing spend, and leveraging technology.


Lastly, it can be said, to stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus across the globe, the best solutions are practicing social distance and working remotely from home. With the sudden drop in the number of customers, businesses relying on in-person contacts are experiencing the worst hit and suffering huge losses. To mitigate the damage, they must devise digital marketing strategies and continue to survive even during these tough times.

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