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  • Published On November 20, 2021

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360 Degree Digital Marketing for Organic Products Market

Hi, I’m the Head of the Digital Marketing Department at Brainvire Infotech Inc, the top Digital Marketing agency known for its omnichannel approach.

One of our clients, which specializes in organic food products, had an exceptional experience last quarter. The growth of the organic and all-natural goods market is driving strong development in the field. As a consequence, the demand for marketing these organic goods has also risen dramatically. And there is no better approach to advertise organic items than digital advertising.

A client required a strategy that would help them grow their customer base in the organic food market. Our team ran a strategy that focused on three key stages of the consumer journey- awareness, consideration, and purchase. This strategy helped the organic product market to acquire new customers for their sales team, as well as increased engagement with content through social media.

The campaign achieved impressive results, which included increasing lead generation targets by 50% in just 12 weeks. Brainvire is dedicated to putting the customer first, as well as tailored digital strategies that drive maximum ROI for their clients.

The client required that the audience have unique brand awareness, strong customer engagement with unique content and product promotions, as well as effective lead generation tactics. The challenge was to develop a targeted email campaign that would drive engagement with social media and offline content.

We kicked off the digital strategy by differentiating the organic product market from its competitors in the organic food space while highlighting customer benefits. Our team tailored their approach by targeting three key stages of the consumer journey- awareness, consideration, and purchase.

The campaign objectives were to increase awareness, consideration, and engagement with product content while driving leads for Organic Product Market’s sales team. For the first week of the campaign, Brainvire prepared a custom editorial which was then promoted through email. The social media element of the campaign was divided into Facebook and Instagram. For Facebook, we targeted the organic product market’s existing community with encouraging content to build affinity, as well as promoting the editorial piece that the Brainvire team had prepared. 

Let’s go down the organic rabbit hole and see how we used digital advertisements to get our clients’ organic products in front of their intended audience.

How to Analyze Customer Behavior?

Our client is an organic food store selling non-toxic and nutritious goods. They’re handling a variety of categories, and the need for organic items is on the rise. This is mainly due to the health advantages that each product they offer provides. Nowadays, conventional items are commonly packed with artificial additives and chemicals that can harm our bodies.

Our client recognizes that today’s lifestyle changes and food consumption patterns are causing many issues for youngsters, especially since they are more aware of the environment. In addition, people are becoming interested in a better way of life, incorporating organic products into their diets.

It also emphasizes the use of renewable energy sources and waste recycling programs, and soil and water conservation. So it’s not only suitable for people, but it’s also good for the environment.

The use of manure and continuous checks on approved organic items minimize the chance of disease, such as cancer and or congenital disabilities. As a result, people are now choosing more healthy organic products than earlier. Now that you understand why people like organic products, let’s look at the benefits of digital marketing services for the organic product brand.

Why is it necessary to promote Organic Products with Digital Advertising?

Customers today are more likely to look for companies that provide online services. As a result, your marketing can be regarded as a communication technique that connects you with your consumers on numerous platforms to build connections with them.

As a result, in order to reach out to consumers, digital advertising is required. Here are some reasons why it is necessary to focus on digital advertising for any organic food business.

Is it convenient and straightforward?

You can engage your target audience at the same time on all digital platforms using advertising. Furthermore, you can also make modifications to your advertisement campaigns immediately if necessary. It is not feasible to avoid the presence of ads when using conventional advertising.

Digital Transformation

For example, when you run organic product advertising with reduced rates, you must make some modifications; you can modify the ad manager or postpone your post in this area. As a result, when your advertisements are planned and conducted by best practices, they can connect your audience where they are, capture their attention, and lead them to buy your goods.

Brand Awareness Increases

Information is readily available these days, thanks to the advancements in the internet world. As a result, buyers are persistently seeking locations where they can get their daily news fix online. Customers nowadays want to understand everything about the products they are buying. They wish to choose before the product they are buying and precisely what all the product contains, especially when it comes to organic products.

My team at Brainvire delivered our organic product market client with all of the data they needed promptly with digital advertising. We also supplied them with the links to follow up and see the organic product they want to purchase.

Brand Awareness Increases

Furthermore, digital ads for organic items will educate your customers on organic products and farming. This kind of farming requires more care than conventional methods to be viable in the digital business world.

Your advertisements should excite and convert your potential customers into buyers. Furthermore, visitors to your websites via advertising should understand how organic products are manufactured and why they are necessary.

Reaches Worldwide Audience

Your advertisements will not only reach local consumers when you utilize digital advertising; they’ll also reach people all around the world. For example, you’re running an ad for a new organic food range. People worldwide will be interested in your brand and your products since they will see them on the internet. You’ll be able to develop stronger customer connections and expand your client base this way.

Reaches Worldwide Audience

Advertising is a powerful means to reach your consumers in a matter of seconds, and it’s also an excellent way to connect with them.

Allows you to test different Ad Formats

Online platforms offer a wide range of advertising possibilities that go beyond the traditional. There are a plethora of formats to use nowadays to reach out to your audience. 

Customers are becoming more digital-savvy, and technology is improving. As a result, the platforms evolve and introduce new formats to advertise using the latest trends to catch your consumers’ interest right away.

Allows you to test different Ad Formats

Video advertisements were the only option previously. However, short video commercials and narrative ads allow businesses to connect with their buyers more effectively while also targeting almost anybody who enjoys organic products.

Your Ideal Customers are Reached

You can target your buyers if you believe they would be interested in your advertisements via digital advertising. As a result, your target audience is the desired group of consumers who would purchase your product. Use geography, gender, age, demographics, and other traits to categorize your clients so that you can build more successful target advertising.

Your Ideal Customers are Reached

If your target audience is, for example, a woman, you can develop advertisements that are interested in organic skincare. If your market is mothers, you can run ads about organic cookies, oil, grain powders, and many more.

Data that is Extremely Valuable for you

Data that is Extremely Valuable for you

Brainvire used digital advertising to monitor and evaluate the effects of your advertisements. For example, we tracked the number of likes, shares, and comments the client’s ads received.

For example, you run an ad for organic veggies or other items at a lower price, but sales are few. This might be because your advertisements failed to reach your consumers or do not like or understand them.

When you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to see how ineffective your old methods were and how they can be improved. You can also modify your advertisements and ensure that they reach your customers.

You can get comments from customers on the online sites, which can help you figure out how your customers like to be contacted and what they’d want in future advertising.

Have you started utilizing Digital Advertising for your Organic Products?

Given that organic food demand is primarily driven by consumer health and environmental concerns in the United States, many clients will be curious about how they might rebuild some of their SEO efforts after reading this success story. Since 2000, organic sales in the United States have increased gradually. People are becoming more concerned about their health, mainly as a result of the pandemic. They want what is best for themselves and others, not simply for themselves but also their loved ones.

As a result of the increased demand for organic goods, one of our clients has decided to become the finest brand in the organic product market by creating a simple-to-use marketplace for themselves.

I’ll walk you through some of the best Digital Marketing practices that we used for our clients to boost their lead generation success.

Let’s start organically, I mean with SEO!

In this section, we’ll go through the steps taken to get our organic search rankings up. We conducted an SEO audit to identify areas where ecommerce SEO services should be undertaken (on-site SEO elements) and off-site SEO aspects (link building). After the initial evaluation, it was determined that link development is one of the most significant on-site SEO factors that required greater attention, where they had very little or even none at all.

Tip: If you’re not sure what SEO keywords to target, begin with a list of popular ones.

Keyword research was conducted to determine the most optimal SEO keywords for organic items. For example, rather than only concentrating on SEO terms relating to “food” and “health,” I wanted to focus on broader topics related to “organic.”

Content optimization was done by adding more rich snippets and internal links to increase user experience. Rich snippets enhanced search results with images and ratings, which added value to the product description currently occupying this space. This helped the site’s organic traffic considerably, as verified by Google Analytics reports. Our team used internal links strategically throughout the website to help optimize SEO elements without impacting rankings.

There were also some SEO on-page optimizations done by my team, such as image SEO, where images with SEO titles and alt tags were added to increase CTR in organic search results. Also, implemented local SEO to ensure that local company locations appear on Google Maps so that more people can find them easily when looking for specific locations.

There’s also a user-friendly mobile version of the site where all SEO content, keywords, and link-building efforts are tailored for mobile users and allow them to access the most recent information without any trouble.

Link building efforts from other websites have been increased systematically using many SEO techniques to produce SEO results efficiently. Guest posting for SEO, link reclamation through crawling and optimizing links, and broken link building are all examples of this strategy. Niche forums with a higher page rank than the source website are used to return links from websites with a high domain authority to receive SEO benefits.

Within a few months, we attained top ranks for the critical keywords in SERPs while also improving traffic and conversions. In addition, sponsored campaigns and increased sales resulted in higher ROIs and a substantial difference in cost per conversion.

There have been several organic shop SERP rankings discovered by searching “organic shop” on Google Maps. SEO ranks are also achieved when conducting a Google search for SEO keywords in the organic product market category. Organic food company website’s SEO traffic has significantly improved due to ranking higher in SEO results.

I used several online tools to do SEO analysis, which gave me relevant backlink information that assisted me in identifying SEO possibilities for our Client’s Organic Shop. These applications allow me to track where they stand in the SEO rankings for keywords related to “organic” items.

How to make Organic Traffic Improvement?

How to make Organic Traffic Improvement

Keyword Optimization

Organic Shop has also done well in the SERPs for SEO keywords with a high CPC, where they topped Google result pages when looking for “organic shop” or any other relevant SEO term with a high CPC. Brainvire, being a trusted SEO agency, had successfully targeted SEO keywords with little competition and yet had many clicks from consumers who were already interested in purchasing organic items, as determined by their previous searches. To summarize, Brainvire is one of the few online marketing services that use a variety of SEO methods to assist the organic shop in boosting visitors through online SEO and social media marketing.

Consequently, as a KPI-driven digital marketing head, I increased the SEO traffic by developing links, improving content quality, and using social media marketing. About organic products, it is safe to assume that SEO approaches in place are sure-fire ways to gain high digital marketing outcomes for any firm seeking to reach its target market both regionally and internationally.

Keyword Optimization
Source – Search Console

(There was no tracking before July. We implemented the necessary Search Data tracking to keep performance in check)

Keyword Optimization

Source – Search Console

What are the Most Effective Digital Advertisements For Organic Products?

Website Ads

Websites are used for advertising in advertisements that can be shown on them to attract consumers. Your website is where all of your brand’s information, a call to action, and everything else about your product are kept. Consequently, my staff worked hard to ensure that it was marketed effectively to attract our Clients.

The Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, for example, is the most frequent advertisement on websites that we utilized the most for or the client’s organic marketplace to generate leads. Our client paid only for the times that consumers click on their advertisements in this instance. We also integrated these ads into blogs, emails, and text advertising on search engines. The following are some of the other sorts of online advertisements that can be provided.

We live in a world where clients want their messages to be seen, and target market customers search for keywords on Google. As a result, some adverts showed up in the search results for specific keywords that our client’s targeted consumers had entered on Google. These are paid advertisements from Google, assisted by our specialists with hands-on expertise in PPC services. We used this to bring their customers to their landing pages.

All the first few links on search result pages are sponsored advertisements. Brainvire has modified the client’s content to appear in their search engine results pages so they can be seen.

These are some of our strategies to get more people to their website and boost organic visits. They were also able to check out how many times people had clicked on their ads. This showed our clients whether we were working and bringing in new customers.

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads 

Who doesn’t have a social networking account these days? We all use social media to stay in touch with one another.

Brainvire is a top social media marketing company that uses several methods to reach out to major social networking sites in order to encourage more individuals to visit the organic food company’s website.

Social media optimization has received much attention, and it is an area where the company continues to focus. Our team at Brainvire made certain that organic food-related posts on social media worked well for Organic Shop, enticing consumers to immediately buy after clicking on them. Facebook and Instagram advertisements also proved quite beneficial, allowing organic goods companies to acquire organic traffic without depending only on SEO.

Facebook Ads

One of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook. The customer wanted a specialist to help with Facebook advertising, and we were happy to assist. It appeared straightforward for them, like going to the Ads Manager part of the site, selecting the sort of advertisements you want to share, and launching your campaign. However, our specialists understood more.

My social media team made videos, photos, slideshows, catalog advertising, and more for the client to show organic items to its consumers. They can now evaluate our client’s items in greater depth and get more information about them.

Instagram Ads

This site is growing in popularity every day. To reach the organic product buyers more effectively, we worked on this platform thoroughly. Text advertisements are not crucial on Instagram since the emphasis is primarily on images and videos.

We used images and videos that were of excellent quality to pique the visitors’ interest. We also utilized a variety of ad kinds, including story ads, photo ads, videos, collection, discovery ads, etc.

You can also utilize influencers to market your products and brand on Instagram. Choose influencers that are knowledgeable about your company and market. In this way, you can gain new customers, improve brand recognition, and increase revenue.

Along with advertisements, our customer’s Instagram handle includes a lot of organic food, content, and advertising. They also use their hashtag to increase visibility and present content that encourages people to utilize organic goods.

Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads

A number of factors determine the effectiveness of your digital advertising campaign. As a result, you must take a multidisciplinary strategy in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Every stage in developing an ad campaign is crucial since it has a role in determining whether or not it is appropriate for the target audiences.

Here are some suggestions for how to improve the effectiveness of digital advertising.

How could you Establish a brand for yourself?

Having a solid brand is crucial for any organic product firm in today’s advertising climate. When it comes to your company’s image, you need to have a distinct and unique one. Your brand should provide value to your clients.

The value of a brand is not limited to how it looks. It also impacts your ability to attract more significant client interest. It also aids in the development of customer confidence in your organic products business. As a result, your brand reputation improves even more.

Focus on brand building first for successful advertising. Your advertising campaign will now effortlessly become a success.

How to Find out who your ideal customers are?

The most crucial advice before launching any advertising campaign is to figure out who your target consumers are. No brand’s advertisement can be effective without this element. So ensure that you’re familiar with your target consumers.

It will aid you in running a successful ad campaign and getting more organic product sales and products. After all, you’re making things for the people who are your target customers, not for everyone. Isn’t it so?

Don’t forget about social media

The most popular platform in the world is social media. If you want your organic product company to get more attention, you should not ignore advertising on all major social networking sites.

Create content that is relevant to your target audiences’ demands. Concentrate on the advertising objectives and create compelling and intriguing articles to make a lasting impression on your consumer’s thoughts.

You can get wonderful results from Facebook advertising. Because most of your audience members continue to use this site, you can easily identify your target audiences and optimize your digital marketing.

These days, parents are very active on social media. They want cosmetics that are natural and free of chemicals. If you’re an organic beauty company, reaching out to them is a cinch. Hair oil, lipstick colors, face masks, and so on are all possibilities.

Offer incentives and giveaways

Incentive programs are a wonderful approach to attract and maintain the attention of your target audiences. Customers like receiving gifts from you. So you can use this opportunity to market your goods on digital platforms effectively.

When you provide excellent service, your consumers will form a favorable impression of your brand in their minds. You can also advertise your items at reduced prices while promoting them. This will draw more customers to your business.

Furthermore, if you can offer presents to your existing client base to keep them interested in you, your marketing campaign will succeed. For example, provide organic foods to them. Please encourage them to try it and notice the difference. This will teach them how things work while also allowing them to experience the product firsthand, influencing their purchasing decisions.

How to Increase the Quality of Your Product Listing ads?

When you optimize your product listing advertisements, they help customers find what they’re looking for. You don’t want your potential customers to get bored with you and move on. As a result, optimizing is the greatest alternative for you.

Enhance the customer experience by making the process easy both for yourself and your customers. You can also include any information that sounds beneficial for your target customers.

Take some time to focus on developing a product feed, for example. Also, strive to present all information about your organic goods in an effective manner across digital advertising. This will surely help you to reach your target audiences and boost your sales.

Increase the Quality of Your Product Listing
Increase the Quality of Your Product Listing

Do not forget to analyze your data

You can have invested all of your time and energy into digital advertising for your organic product firm, but if you don’t track your data, you could fall behind. So, maintain an eye on your digital advertising campaign.

Take advantage of an analytical platform’s 360-degree perspective of your ad campaign to get a complete picture. This will assist you in detecting any flaws and optimizing your ideal consumers’ profiles.

This data can also assist you in keeping track of your spent money and the amount of ROI you are obtaining when all of your advertising campaigns are successful.

This will assist you in making better and more informed marketing decisions, as well as helping to improve the return on your ad campaign.

Is online advertising a good idea for your organic products?

The organic market is more competitive than ever before, with a slew of newcomers entering the field. All intelligent marketers in today’s economy are using the internet’s power to contact their target audience on a regular basis.

Digital advertisements, therefore, can assist you in reaching your target demographic, increasing brand recognition and sales.


Isn’t it the case that organic food brands should focus more on local marketing than digital marketing?

Local advertising is included when you choose digital advertising. You’ll have access to Google My Business and other similar sites to promote your company to local consumers through digital marketing.

I’m a little confused. How do I start Social Media Marketing content?

There are several methods to utilize social media to spread information. You can, for example, post photographs of your organic food items, instructional videos, entertaining Bloopers, and other content on these platforms. Make a plan for how you want to use the space. Determine what works best for you and go with it.

Which is a more effective way to promote my business, social media marketing or Amazon marketing?

It’s a 50-50 split. However, both platforms are critical for the success of your organic product business. As a result, maintaining an appropriate balance between the two platforms can be vital to your success.

Do you wish more people would learn about your organic items?

If you’re still having trouble leading your company on the digital platform, give us a call. We are generally delighted to assist.

Client Testimonial

“We’re ecstatic about the results your team was able to deliver for us in the organic product sector. We increased our sales in just three months!” said the client when he spoke with my team and me after a one-time meeting session during the quarterly reporting session.

  • Brainvire worked closely with merchants from the organic product market to ensure digital marketing services ran smoothly and effectively by providing the best possible customer care service to clients over a wide range of industries. With extensive experience in different sectors, they have been able to deliver quality services for many businesses from tourism, e-commerce, education, and retail industries, among others, despite being relatively new agencies compared to other established agencies that have been in this industry for a long time.   
  • Brainvire’s digital marketing success story will continually strive to provide the best possible customer care service and deliver the best results. I highly recommend them to any business that is struggling to make its presence online.

In the End

I’m confident that my team will succeed because they know what their clients require and how to generate business growth by assisting them in reaching their marketing objectives through Google Adwords & Facebook Ads, Organic Search Engine Optimization, SEO Copywriting, and Social Media Marketing Services. 

With these conversion rate optimization services from Brainvire Infotech, merchants at organic product markets can improve their site traffic conversion rates which will help grow revenue numbers over time.

The results were impressive. Organic Product Market was able to complete its lead generation targets in just 12 weeks. The campaign also increased engagement with content, with upcoming editorial pieces reaching thousands of people across the organic product market’s social media properties.If you are interested in Digital Marketing services, please feel free to contact us.

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