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Our digital marketing strategist will take you on a PPC
tour. Our experts promise an unbeatable digital success for your business.

Cutting the Chase






Ever since 2002, we have been offering unbeatable performance in the world of digital marketing. Our globally praised experts promise to provide an enhanced, interactive and amiably connected digital world.

Internet Marketing Agency

100% Transparency

You can constantly review the actions of our experts for your PPC management. You will be involved in each phase of the PPC campaign.

Creative Tech Stack

You can leverage our proficiency in the latest strategy, system, and technology to acquire innovative solutions.

Picture-Perfect Management

Once the PPC campaign has been mapped out, our experts will ensure it reaps success for your business.

Precise Reporting

We make it easier for you to understand the reports and analytics. You can track all minute details including leads and sales in the project.

Innumerable Success Stories

Our customized 360-degree PPC campaigns deliver the best outcome for our niche clientele.


We drive ourselves to execute data-driven campaigns based on forward-thinking strategies and insights.


In the digital world, poor customer experience has an undying impact on your business. This can hamper your ROI and growth as well. Being a market leader, our experts understand the significance of valuable insights. We utilize these insights to design strategic and result-oriented PPC campaigns coupled with effective user experience.


We design and draft strategies specifically tailored for your needs. Since we dig deep into your sales channel and user experience we can design effective strategies. Our strategies are carefully laid out based on your sales channel and user experience. This helps us to eliminate all tentative roadblocks and reach your conversion goal.


Once we have streamlined the process as per the campaign, our experts will start working on it. We will optimize the website in the utmost effective manner. This will accelerate your success graph.


Our experts understand your brand image and brand identity and this helps us to design PPC campaigns accordingly. We portray an accurate business position based on your business virtues. We, as a digital marketing firm, have harboured experienced consultants. They can suggest a top-notch online strategy and walk you through it to attain your desired goal.


Our experts tend to develop razor-sharp, clear and customer-centric strategies. We respect your expectations, resources, and ideas and do justice to it. Our experts provide results as per your expectations.


Regardless of the size of the project, the Brainvire team puts their best efforts to design a lucrative campaign. We are capable of attracting the right audience and transforming them into loyal customers. Our skilled PPC experts will help you leverage improved ROI, targeted traffic and instant visibility.

Brainvire is often tagged as an elite PPC Agency since PPC has been a part of our services right from our moment of inception. We are well acquainted with what works and what doesn’t in a successful PPC campaign. This allows us to offer top-rated PPC services. We offer improved and effective services than any other firm in the industry. Being a part of the IT industry for over 2 decades now, Brainvire’s team is well versed to apply proven methods to manage our PPC accounts and deliver the desired results.

SEO Services
Enterprise SEO Services


If you are running an enterprise investing in our enterprise-level proficiencies and skills will turn profitable. Every enterprise has a niche of its own and measures success in different aspects. This is why we design a customized PPC strategy. Our team accumulates adequate details on your services and business functions to design a relevant and effective campaign.

Each step of the PPC process has a significant impact on campaign performance. Our team opts for in-house tools to carry out enterprise keyword research. We can help you achieve your specific business objectives and track your success. We also utilize custom automation tools for implementation and in-depth audits at the granular level. This ensures that all aspects of the campaign attain their key objectives.

Our Systematic Approach To Enterprise PPC Services

  • Customer Understanding Our specialists are keen to learn more about your company, its objectives and your brand identity in the market to customize the perfect approach.
  • Opportunity Analysis Our PPC experts will prepare a detailed report about your target group and business goals to build an effective strategy.
  • Revenue ModelingImplement our PPC forecasting directly into your financial strategy to ensure that sales and PPC efforts sync with each other.
  • Growth Strategies We design PPC campaigns that can fulfil your long-term as well as short-term expansion plans.
  • Campaign LaunchWith the growth strategies in place, our experts can launch a PPC campaign and monitor its effectiveness 24 X 7.
  • Campaign OptimizationPPC specialists constantly work to enhance PPC performance as the campaign moves ahead and picks momentum.


Local PPC strategies are predominantly designed to target your potential customers in a particular region. This strategy comprises using local keywords, geo-targeting, and Google Map ads to improve your reach. The main crux of local PPC is to create brand awareness among your potential audience in that specific geographical region. The strategy can also help you drive people physically to your store or office.

PPC campaigns play an integral part in your digital marketing campaigns. An effective strategy to reach prospective customers with their postal address can help boost ROI.

Local SEO services

Scope of Our Local PPC Services

  • SEO Meets PPC We combine SEO and PPC efforts to make optimal use of the best performing keywords. Keywords with higher impressions can be a part of your SEO as well as PPC campaigns.
  • Customized CampaignsOne PPC campaign cannot be a match for all the clients. Every business has different sets of requirements and we ensure to design campaigns accordingly.
  • Area Based ContentEvery geographical location has its specific nuances. Our specialists ensure that we make the most of these nuances in our PPC campaigns to attract potential customers.
  • Website AuditWe carry out regular audits for your business that includes search for more foot traffic, existing conversion rates, etc. The audit results help fix all the online glitches. Monthly audits help to move the campaign in the right direction.
  • Competitive AnalysisYour contemporaries are your greatest assets and a detailed analysis can help you achieve PPC success. Our team of experts help you with all the essential reports.
  • Use ExtensionsAd Extensions are a great way to reach your audience and convert their potential interest in sales. We leverage the potential of ad extensions for an effective PPC campaign.
Ecommerce SEO services


Brainvire has a dynamic and result-oriented approach to design PPC campaigns for eCommerce businesses. We guarantee you increased web traffic and sales using relevant PPC campaigns. These campaigns help to generate instant response and traffic on the website through the right ad message and placement.

Our specialists help your small business create brand awareness, promote brand recognition, strengthen brand recall, and increase actual sales. We can help you to reach the target audience in no time. Our tailored PPC campaigns can help boost your business growth. Our certified PPC managers can design an effective campaign based on the nature of your business with optimal use of Google AdWords.

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Mobile SEO services


Most web users have switched to mobile devices for an easy web search experience. As a result, it is tricky to beat the clutter on the mobile web. Our experienced PPC managers ensure that your website is easily accessible for mobile search results. We accumulate the right elements to boost your business visibility in the mobile market.

You can now enjoy an increased number of mobile users on your mobile website. We ensure a speedy website that allows improved user experience. We also incorporate the latest trends on your website to encourage more audience. All these features help you to retain visitors and improve conversion rates.

PPC Agency


We are delighted to present our elite title of being a Google Partner. Our Brainvire team with sheer hard work and talent has acquired this status by expertly demonstrating our efficiency in working with Google Ads. We have also triumphantly met all the Google ad spend requirements, and have improved client revenue, helped achieve business goals and sustained and grew the client base.