How Can Mobile Ecommerce Development With Magento and PhoneGap Help Businesses?

The increasing usage of mobile devices for shopping has made the experts to make prediction that by two years from now nearly 35 to 45% of the online purchases across the globe will be made from mobile devices. Already there are reports indicating the fact that in advanced countries like US nearly 10% of the entire population makes purchases through their mobile devices. These numbers are rising day after day and hence, are compelling the corporates to grab on the mobile trend for their business development. Yes, the businesses today are looking for mobile ecommerce development as a way to remain ahead of the severe competition and get more sales out of their online investments.

Why the Mobile First Strategy?

There are impressive statistics about the mobile user segments that hold B2C ecommerce firms to go for mcommerce development for improved benefits. The statistics show that nearly 75% of the population uses smartphones to help with shopping while 50% of them make purchases from their phones and nearly 70% is predicted to be the conversion rate for the searches made from mobile devices. Hence, it is clear from the statistics that if a business wants to sustain the competition it should definitely approach the mobile-first strategy for their online business needs.

Ways to go for Mcommerce Development:

There are various ways through which one can adopt the mobile ecommerce trend for the best business benefits. The most important of them include

- Mobile ecommerce website development where sites are created specifically for the mobile devices so that they can rightly fit and work on the particular screen sizes of the mobile phones. The websites are easily accessed and appear well on any browser through smartphones.

- Native mobile application development where businesses opt to design mobile applications native to specific platform. These apps are required to be downloaded from app store and can be used on a specific smartphone only.

- Responsive design is something where the businesses prefer to create websites which can run on multiple platforms like desktops as well as mobile thereby giving the users freedom to access the business website from any device.

How can Magento and PhoneGap help for Ecommerce Development?

Talking about the PhoneGap, it is an open source framework that allows for wrapping up of the web applications so that they are ready and compatible with smartphones built on various operating systems. The framework supports awesome benefits to reap for the enterprises like support for native, hybrid and mobile web application development, integration of cross channel marketing, enterprise grade mobile application development and management.

While on the other hand Magento is a feature-rich content management system that makes management of ecommerce website development easier for enterprise users who do not have to depend on the experts for updating the ecommerce store. Moreover, Magento development services supports responsive design seamlessly and hence, enterprises can easily appeal to even the mobile audiences with Magento. The platform offers end to end merchandizing capabilities With Magento and PhoneGap, b2C ecommerce becomes rather easier for the enterprises as they can now create omni channel presence for better customer engagement. Product catalog management, order management and many other ecommerce tasks get simplified thereby enabling businesses to save their time and efforts to concentrate on their core tasks.

One can merge these capabilities of Magento with PhoneGap’s native abilities (accelerometer, notification, GPS etc.), to create an entirely new and delightful experience for the mobile audience that wishes to make purchase decisions using the smartphone. Mobile ecommerce development with PhoneGap and Magento can give great benefits to the enterprises so that they can develop highly appealing mobile friendly websites for more customer engagement.

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