Choosing the Right 3D Product Visualization Solution for Your WordPress Site

Navigating the Virtual Realm: Finding Your Ideal 3D Product Display for WordPress Wonders

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  • Published on April 17, 2024

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Choosing the Right 3D Product Visualization Solution for Your WordPress Site

In the huge world of ecommerce it is important to choose the right 3D product visualization solution if you want to improve your website. Making the correct decision includes a lot of factors to consider. This blog will help you learn and understand those factors about improving your website with 3D product visualization. So, come let's deep dive into the world of ecommerce product visualization and make the most of this blog to increase user engagement, website usage and sales.

What Does 3d Product Visualization Involve, and Why Is It Crucial in Today's Context?

3D product visualization is a new technique that is changing the world of ecommerce in website designing. It helps in creation of 3D models of products to give an experience of how the product is from every dimension. In the modern world of modern customers 3D visualization has become an important part of online shopping. It not only helps increase customer satisfaction but also helps them in the decision making process which helps companies to reduce their order return by 40%

what is involved in 3d product visualization

The process of implementing 3D product visualization needs a capable software engineer who will start with modeling the products and then add texture and lighting to it.  In addition to that animation and other interactive features are also added for better experience. After this marketers use it for realistic promotion of their products.

How Can 3d Product Visualization Seamlessly Integrate with Your WordPress Websites?

There is a 94% lift in conversion of merchants toward 3D product visualization. You can also take the benefit from this technology by applying these steps in the process of integrating 3D product visualization in wordpress website of yours.

setting up the 3d model viewer for your website

Step 1: Get your HTML iframe Code

Understanding HTML iframe: 3D visualizations are the image production of the future and to start the process for your website it is important to understand what is HTML iframe code. HTML iframe is the most efficient and simple script used for displaying 3D models of products on a website. 

Elements of HTML iframe: There are many components in iframe for developing a 3D product model.  The code must contain factors like URL, height, width and styles in it to simplify the system of 3D product viewer. Here is an example to make things clearer. It is recommended by specialists that 100% of height and width should be used to fix dimension in pixels.

Create the HTMLCode: Next step is to create the HTML iframe code with help of a knowledgeable developer. You can create the code from scratch or can copy it from a dependable source. There are many sources on the internet that will help you in this process. The following template that is available on the internet you have to just replace the product name with your product name: 

<iframe src=”” title=”Tubular Chair – Background Demo” style=”border: none; width: 100%; height: 100%;” allow=”autoplay; fullscreen; vr” allowtransparency=”true” allowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>


Step 2: Installing the 3D Model Viewer on Your Website

  • Create a Wordpress Account: Go to wordpress website and create a new account or if you have already had an account login to it.
  • Go to pages selection:  Click on pages tab and then to add new. Then click on the page and then the part of the page you want to edit.
  • Add the Code: Add the HTML code to the desired area of your wordpress website. Start by clicking on the + sign on the block inserter and search for custom HTML. Once its done click on the code item and drag it to the area you want. It will be easier to add HTML block if you use a web builder plugin. Then paste your generated code in shortcode form in the field provided.
  • Review the changes after posting: Save the changes you have made to the website and click on publish button. Volla! Your wordpress website now has a 3D product visualizer.

Step 3: Add 3D Viewer to Your Woocommerce Page

Enhance the woocommerce product page by adding the 3D viewer to your page by the help of wordpress plugins. Embedding a 3D viewer to your page is similar to adding a youtube video.

  • Firstly find the right plugin as per your business’s need.
  • Then login to your wordpress website and follow these steps: Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File > Select the WooThumbs for WooCommerce zip file > Install Now > Activate.
  • Now integrate the 3D model to your products by following these steps: Login > Media > Add New > Upload an image > > Click on the image > Scroll down and locate the “WooThumbs Media Details” section > Media URL > Paste the URL of your 3D viewer > Save your changes by clicking the ‘X’ to close the screen > go to products > Select the specific product > Product gallery > Add product gallery images > Find the previously uploaded photo with URL > click on it > Add to gallery.
  • To view your 3D viewer follow these steps:  Products > Find the product to which you recently added > View.Boost Sales with Stunning 3D Product Visualization, Let's Talk for Your WordPress Store Let's Connect! —---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stop Flat Images, Start 3D Magic! Transform Your WordPress Product Pages with Stunning Visualizations

What are 3D Product Visualization Solutions for Your WordPress Website?

Wordpress 3D product visualization solutions offer a huge range of solutions to enhance the shopping experience of customers. Here are some of the examples of 3D product visualization solutions:

Plugin-based Solutions

One of the most popular solutions is plug-based solution. These plugins are popular for their user-friendliness. It helps brands to easily add 3D product visualization features to their wordpress website without typing long codes. They provide customizable templates that are hassle free to integrate.

3D Product Visualization Solutions for WordPress Store?

Custom Development Services

For custom solutions on 3D product visualizer custom development services are available. It involves employing 3D product visualization services providers who can develop a bespoke code as per the brand’s needs. This approach is much more costly than others but it will give you the solution of your choice.

API-based Integrations

Integrating the solution with the help of APIs helps in seamless communication between your website and other external platforms. This method has more flexibility and scalability as the variety of APIs to choose from are huge.

Cloud-based platforms

Cloud-based solutions provide a unified and scalable infrastructure for 3D visualization. This shifts the computing activities to the cloud which provides a seamless performance and accessibility even for resource intensive visualization. This method is very good for websites with a huge variety of product catalogs that could be complex for other solutions.

stop flat images, start 3d magic! transform your wordpress product pages with stunning visualizations

What are the Advantages of 3D Product Visualization Integration in Your Business?

3D product visualization is a very important SEO strategy that the modern day websites are using for increasing their product sales. Its market size has surpassed $ 3 billion in 2022. The following are the advantages that they provide which is making them popular:

Delivers an Engaging Shopping Experience

Using a 3D product visualizer on your website gives an engaging shopping experience to your customers. 3D models of products help the customer to view it from different angles and provide a more comprehensive view.  This will lead to better decision making and help the customers during their shopping. These experiences will force the customer to come back to your website and increase website engagement.

benefits of incorporating 3d product visualization into your business

Become a Loved Brand

By adapting 3D product viewer wordpress your brand will stand out in the competition and will become the most loved brand among the competitors. Your brand will be the brand that customers will not only prefer but also promote it verbally for you.  The enhanced visual experience will help in fostering a bond with customers and build a sense of brand loyalty in them. 

Build Trust for Your Customers

Trust is an important factor in business and building a trustworthy environment for your customers is very important. A 3D product visualizer helps in keeping the transparency related to products. Customers can observe every detail; about the product before buying it which reduces the chances of returns. This transparency gives a positive customer experience and develops trust and loyalty towards the brand.

It’s Cheaper than Traditional Product Photography

Traditional product photography costs a lot as a professional photographer has to be appointed for the photoshoot. These professionals will cost a price to shoot the product from every angle. Creating a 3D model of a product using code will be cheaper as one code can be used in a diverse range of products. This cost efficiency can be more beneficial for the small and medium size businesses.

A self-marketing sales experience

The 3D visualization process helps customers to explore the product independently. The interactive model allows users to get full insights on every feature of the product which later helps in the decision making process. The self exploration gives customers a sense of empowerment and satisfaction which will lead them to market your brand to other people of their circle.

Makes It Easier to Implement Augmented Reality

Implementing 3D visualization makes the implementation process of augmented reality easier. Ar provides a real world environment with computer generated information that makes the shopping experience more interactive and realistic. This opens up the door of new innovation and possibilities of marketing strategies for customer engagement.

3D Visualization Works Great with Product Personalization

Every customer needs a tailored solution when it comes to online shopping. 3D visualization helps in personalizing products by allowing customers to visualize and customize products in real-time. This feature caters to individual preferences of each customer and also enhances their overall experience.

3D Models Increase Consumer Confidence

Customers are given self-belief with the help of the interactive and comprehensive nature of 3D models, which allows them to check out the product's extraordinary features before buying it.  This extra assurance given to the customers lowers the possibility of returns and disatisfaction which increases the conversion rates.

Gives You a Foothold in Social Commerce

Integrating 3D visualization offers your enterprise a competitive edge on social media platforms, mainly with the increase in social media shopping. Improved visuals to grab viewer's attention and encourage them to interact which leads to social sharing and impacts person's decisions on purchases made on social networks.

Implementing 3D Visualization is Easier than You Think

Contrary to common misconceptions it is actually easier to implement 3D visualization on your website for Wordpress development. There are many tools and platforms that offer user-friendly interfaces for smooth transition. The potential benefits of 3D visualization outweighs the initial time taken for the learning process and makes it an important asset for any type of business.

Optimizing Your 3D Visualization Journey for Your Website

Optimizing your woocommerce 3D product visualization journey for your website will help your website to work more smoothly. Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind while optimizing the website:

Enhancing Your Website's 3D Visualization Experience

Invest in High-Quality 3D Models

Purchasing high-quality 3D graphics is essential if you want to improve your website's aesthetics and user experience. By adding good quality photos will not only attracts visitors but also showcases skills and professionalism. You can collaborate with professional 3D designers or check online for pre written codes from a dependable website.

A/B Test Different Visualizations and Features

Experimenting with different visual effects is essential to optimizing your 3D visual journey. Conduct A/B tests to compare different features and functions of the system. Identifying what your audience is most interested in to repeatedly improve the visual narrative and functionality of your website according to the preference of your customers.

Track and Analyze Data

Data is an effective feature of your 3D optimization journey. Use powerful analytical tools to track user behavior, interaction indicators, and conversion rates related to your 3D models. By analyzing this data you can easily understand the important insights into user behavior and use that knowledge to improve your website and enhance the 3D experience.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Get the most out of your user base intelligence by promoting and using user-generated content (UGC). User-Generated Content (UGC) enhances the authenticity of the website and encourages user engagement. You can do this by sharing experiences with your visualization or displaying 3D models. Establish a platform for user-contribution to provide a dynamic and collaborative environment for 3D modeling.

The Power of 3D Product Visualization in Various Industry

In the modern digital world 3D product visualization increases the chance of increasing the conversion rates. When a customer views a product in 3D the chances of sale becomes 11 times more likely.  3D product visualization has affected different industries and some of those industries are mentioned below in the table:

Industry Impact on Industry in Percentage Advantages Impact
eCommerce 20% Before shopping, on-line consumers can study the goods they prefer from any attitude and might even strive for them on an individual level. This will increase consumer's acceptance as true with an engagement whilst also lowering the chance of return visits.
Manufacturing 12% Manufacturers use advanced 3-d modeling to design and prototype products earlier than they may be sincerely synthetic. This shortens manufacturing and dealing with time and allows for early detection and backbone of potential manufacturing issues.
Healthcare 7% 3-D modeling is crucial for patient schooling and health practitioner schooling in healthcare. Use of different exams and equipment physicians could make suitable prosthetics, implants and pacemakers. It is likewise utilized in showing visuals associated with an affected person's disease to the affected person for higher know-how. Detailed visualization of complex anatomical systems simplifies surgical planning and improves physician understanding. A clean thought permits sufferers to make informed choices approximately their health care.
Architectural and Real Estate 13% 3-D product visualization lets in for life-like drawings, allowing clients to see regions earlier than construction starts and assisting them to make adjustments thus. The definition of the project has been absolutely changed with this generation, making it easier to get right of entry to and define layout ideas.
Education 3% 3-D product visualization is being used by educational institutions to create dynamic and tasty mastering environments. This generation has made getting to know more enticing, enhancing comprehension and retention in topics including biology and history. Students can digitally discover historic stays or discover 3-D models of cells in their school room.
Automotive 4% In the automobile industry, the use of three-D product modeling makes it easier to design, manufacture and promote motors. Car lovers have the capability to visually discover multiple fashions and styles that can have an effect on their shopping decision. Auto manufacturers use 3-D modeling to create lifestyles-like promotional factors to show off their vehicles in a thrilling and dynamic manner. This will increase the chance of making more sales
Furniture and Home Decor 13% When it involves fixtures and home décor, three-D modeling gives customers an experience of what matters appear like of their spaces. Customers can take photos of the distance and add at the website which generates a result showing how it will appearance. This tailor-made installation experience enables customers to feel much less stressed about their purchases by way of permitting them to digitally organize furniture in their residence.
Fashion and Jewelry 6% Customers can see how clothing apparel or jewelry will appearance on them. They can see it in real-time by allowing the web site to apply your cellphone's digicam to reveal it. Customers can music precise styles, color adjustments and textures, selling a greater knowledgeable and reassuring
shopping revel in.

Different Formats of 3D Visualization

3D product visualization platform has changed the way of showcase of products on a website. There are different formats of 3D visualization and some of which is mentioned below:

Different Formats of 3D Visualization

3D Model

The ability to create complex 3D models is a main feature of this awesome platform. This capability allows customers to analyze details and dimensions and assure correct reproductions.


It enables high-quality photography, which gives the products visually realistic images from different angles. This improves the effectiveness of product's marketing and helps in giving better perspective to the customers for better understanding of products.


The 3D product visualization platform goes beyond static displays and incorporates dynamic components through animation. This brings things to life and shows design and style in an interesting way.

Virtual Reality

In virtual reality (VR), 3D modeling and visual effects production can now be highly immersive. Designs allow users to interact with them in a virtual environment, encouraging a sense of presence.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a method of superimposing digital content over the real world to enhance the experience. Users of the platform can view content in their environment thanks to a flawless integration of augmented reality.

Is Your Business Ready for 3D Product Visualization?

Explore new designs with great 3D modeling software. The following are the points to keep in mind when you are assessing if your business is ready for 3D visualization:

Engaging Shopping Experience With 3D Product Visualization Solution

  • Firstly determine the goal of your business.
  • Invest in good 3D software.
  • Understand the complexity of your products, trends in industry and target audience’s preference.
  • Use the latest tools for imaging.
  • Take note of the compatibility of new software with existing softwares in the system.
  • Check if your company can embrace new innovations of the market competition.


Improving the wordpress website needs the best 3D software for product visualization. Choosing the right option will result in better website graphics and enhance user experience. Make sure the choices you make give its part in improving the overall website and keeps the visitors engaged. Also choose which 3D software is best for product modeling for your brand.

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What are the benefits of integrating a 3D product visualization to my WordPress site?

User interaction is enhanced by integrating 3D visualizations of items that provide an immersive and dynamic experience. Increased sales result in consumer pride on the part of increasing consumer confidence, decreasing margins and improving product know-how.

Is my assortment suitable for 3D product visualization on WordPress?

For complicated or interchangeable products, consisting of accessories, electronics or clothing, where fine or variable displays are needed, 3D simulation is useful. For easy goods and standardized goods, this is not so important.

How should I price a 3D product visualization solution for my WordPress site?

Consider software program licensing costs, upgrade and integration fees, ongoing protection, and capacity web hosting when evaluating pricing. Test extraordinary alternatives for functionality, flexibility and exact needs of your target market and stock.

What technical knowledge is required to force a 3D product visualization response on WordPress?

Using a 3-D product layout solution on WordPress requires a thorough understanding of site layout, especially when running with 3-D mods and plugins. It allows you to get complete know-how about WebGL, JavaScript and WordPress plugins for development.

Could you make a complex on the technique of integrating solutions with my WordPress site?

Install the appropriate plugin or upload your own code to integrate the 3D visualization option of your choice with WordPress. Make sure it works together with your theme, optimize for speed and do massive testing before embedding.

Why is mobile responsiveness essential for 3D visualizations on my WordPress site?

Mobile responsiveness is essential for a perfect user experience on all devices. The accessibility and engagement of the target market is enhanced to adapt the 3D visualization to the specific screen size.

What strategies can I use to tune the overall performance of my 3D product visualizations on WordPress?

Use analytics tools like Google Analytics or specific music hobby plugins that include clicks, views and time spent on 3D product pages. Analyze alternative charges and collect person comments to improve sightings over the years.

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