Brainvire to Be Part of the ODOO Roadshow Irvine!

Brainvire to Be Part of the ODOO Roadshow Irvine

Businesses are growing rapidly with every innovative technological transformation in the industry. To ensure its growth in the right direction, an entity has to invest in the right business application. Odoo happens to be a boon to the world of technology. 

Odoo is one of the most effective open source ERP business software. It includes a wide array of business applications to build a scalable and strong enterprise level. Brainvire’s team can address the needs of a business and accordingly recommend a suitable business application. 

Odoo is developed based on a powerful MVC platform and it is further followed by agile methodology. So far, Odoo has proved to be an impeccable solution to streamline business activities. Brainvire, with the help of Odoo, can connect people, technology, and processes effortlessly. 

Here are the customized solutions offered by Brainvire to businesses-

  • Sales management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Project management
  • Odoo Magento
  • Inventory management
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Manufacture
  • Point of sale and purchase management

Brainvire helps clients integrate their existing business units with Magento-Odoo ERP so that they can streamline their operations conveniently. 

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Mentioned here are some of the perks offered by Odoo ERP- 

Easy Integration

Odoo is API-friendly and is pretty easy to integrate. For instance, you can integrate your current system with Odoo ERP for a fruitful outcome. This new ERP will minimize the number of behavioral changes in your company. Additionally, if your business needs a particular software, then you can use it along with this new system. Discover your true business potential with the help of Brainvire’s dynamic Odoo Migration Company.

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Can be customized

The customizability attribute about Odoo is what makes it unique. Brainvire can customize Odoo based on your business needs. This is a valuable feature for enterprises. You don’t have to alter your business practices to a large extent with a new system in place. 

The implementation of this system will improve project efficiency and lead you to success. 

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Easy to implement

Odoo has a modular structure. This means that you can segregate it into different phases. The system can be implemented in different phases based on your business requirements. This will lead to the optimal management of business practices. 

For instance, you can test the functionality of the software and understand whether the outcome would be fruitful or not. 

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Integration with Odoo ERP is more of an investment than an additional expense. It is likely to stay with your enterprise in the long run and the software will evolve with you. 

You can add more functions to the system with your increasing business practices. For instance, your business was simply into purchase management but it has recently developed a sales department. You can integrate the new sales system with the existing Odoo ERP system to streamline your sales activities with the other business activities. You don’t have to run two different systems. 

In conclusion

Looking for a complete Odoo ERP solution but are clueless about where to go? Don’t worry and be a part of Odoo Roadshow Irvine to get a glimpse of our work. We will showcase our expertise and proficiency to lead your business on the path of growth. Brainvire will also share valuable insights into a specific application that suits your business needs. Book a meeting with us at the show and get all the information you need!