Odoo ERP Integrations – Payment Gateways, Social Media, SMS Gateways, Biometric Devices

Mastering Odoo ERP Integrations: Strategies for Seamlessly Merging Payment Gateways, Social Media, SMS Gateways, and Biometric Devices to Boost Business Productivity

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  • Published on July 08, 2024

  • Updated on July 08, 2024

Odoo ERP Integrations – Payment Gateways, Social Media, SMS Gateways, Biometric Devices
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Introduction of Odoo ERP Integrations

Manage Payment Gateways Integration with Odoo

Odoo Integration with Social Media

SMS Gateways Integration with Odoo

Biometric Device Integration with Odoo

Odoo ERP is an integrated suite of business applications that has third-party apps to improve the features of the Odoo ERP system. In this blog, I will gather information about the different integrations that can be performed in Odoo, such as Payment gateway integrations, Social media integrations, SMS gateway integrations, Biometric integrations, etc. The integration above can enhance the processes that your business undertakes, hence establishing a competitive advantage among the markets.

Introduction of Odoo ERP Integrations - Payment Gateways, Social Media, SMS Gateways, Biometric Devices

Once the integrations are done, there are things you would wonder about, such as how you ever lived without or used something else instead of the given resource or service. Cybrosys supports numerous payment gateway options to help businesses significantly accept amounts from clients. 

On social networks, another important aspect is an integration with Odoo 17 to make referrals possible: a satisfied client speaks about your product or service, which is of actual interest to a third party. Consequently, more people begin to patronize a motel; automatically, this leads to more business through these chains of recommendation. Thus, one of the critical issues for the success of an ERP installation is automation. 

To achieve efficiency in HR attendance in Odoo, the organization can install Thumb / Face detection sensors. User configuration is facilitated in the Odoo employee form and the thumbing device. If your company will require the creation of an SMS passage for the assignment, email Cybrosys Technologies for the Odoo SMS gateway integration. 

Manage Payment Gateways Integration with Odoo

Manage Payment Gateways Integration with Odoo

A payment gateway is a specific form of an online solution that enables the sellers and buyers to make payments over websites or applications. Being a payment facilitator, it works between financial organizations and retailers while encrypting all of the data and providing multiple integrated payment methods to make transactions safe. 

This technology highly facilitates and enhances, through efficient and seamless completion of business, clients’ and retailers’ transactions in financial deals. Some of the example of payment gateways are mentioned below in the table:

Payment Gateway Features Pros Cons
PayPal Widely accepted, secure Easy integration, buyer protection High fees, account holds
Stripe Developer-friendly, customizable Comprehensive API, recurring billing Complex setup, fees for advanced features
Square Simple setup, in-person payments Free point-of-sale app, competitive pricing Limited international support
Authorize.Net Robust security, customizable Fraud detection, reliable support Higher fees, complex for small businesses
Adyen Global reach, multi-currency Supports many payment methods, scalable Higher setup cost, technical expertise required


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Benefits of Payment Gateways and its Integration With Odoo

The following are the benefits of payment gateways:

  • Integrate with Bank through Payment Gateway: This means that the interface that Odoo provides when it comes to payment gateway helps in efficient commerce between the eCommerce site and the bank. This is extremely effective in ensuring that the payments are processed in a very secure manner where incidences of mistakes and subsequent disagreements are greatly minimized. 

Benefits of Payment Gateways and its Integration With Odoo

  • Scope of Scalability: This payment gateway in Odoo eCommerce is well-designed to grow with the business. It can accommodate many transactions, and thus is ideal to use in small as well as large organizations. 
  • Discount Management: Odoo’s payment gateway has an option where businesses can offer a discount, which best suits the business as it allows for promotions. It can help most, especially during times of promotion, during the Christmas season, and other occasions. 
  • Money-related dispute management: An integrated payment gateway in Odoo for e-commerce makes the provision of a system that handles issues related to the carriage of money. This guarantees that any problem facing the organization is tackled well and inconveniences are kept to the bare minimum. 
  • Allow Customers to Pay Online / Customer Portal / E-commerce Site: Being an Odoo Gold Partner, we make sure that our payment gateway solution is safe and convenient for customers. They can also carry out transactions through an online customer interface or on the actual e-commerce site, so purchasing is smooth. 
  • Streamline Work Processes: Since the payment gateway links with Odoo’s ecommerce platform, companies’ workflows will be simplified. This outweighs the need for direct interference from the staff in the processing of the work, thereby making them available to perform other tasks. 
  • All-in-One Solution: Thus, the payment gateway integrated with AI in Odoo ERP, is a single platform for managing e-commerce transactions. It interfaces with the e-commerce site and handles transactions, particularly the payments aspect of the site. 

Odoo Integration with Social Media

Odoo Integration with Social Media

Social media marketing is the art of promoting a company, product or service on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other similar marketplaces. To address the target groups, create brand familiarity, and boost website traffic and sales, creating and sharing content is inevitable. Short videos are the preferred way for 44% of consumers to learn about new items, and 87% of marketers claim that using videos in their campaigns has helped sales.

Features of Social Media Marketing

Social marketing features of the platform include:

  • Direct Post Scheduling: Featured share to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to share posts directly to these sites to increase the interaction with customers and leads.
  • Web Push Notifications: Use social media services to disseminate information to website subscribers. Utilize web push alerts for your promotions and fresh material.
  • Real-time Community Insights: Directly engage with your community using services such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter integrated within the dashboard to give you insight into market conditions.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Tracking: Track any micro-parameters of your digital marketing campaigns, such as clicks, revenues, leads, and conversions, with extensive, integrated campaigns such as emails, SMS, push notifications, and social media posts.
  • Visitor Data Collection: Gather clear statistics on Web visitors so that the company can better market to those individuals and increase conversion rates.

Benefits of Social Media in Odoo Ecommerce

The following are the benefits of social media in odoo ecommerce:

  • Integrated Platform: Odoo ERP services will allow you to have an efficient overall online presence by connecting social media directly with your ecommerce activities. It makes your online presence more manageable, hence enabling you to communicate and sell to your customers effectively.
  • Scalability and Customization: It is a platform that can be easily scaled up or down when necessary; hence, it enables your social media management to reflect your business needs. Regardless of the size of your organization, whether small-scale or large-scale, Odoo has customizable systems in place which allow you to change with time.
  • Customer Insights: Social media is very beneficial for customer analysis, as Odoo offers, which will prepare you for further promotion campaigns. This serves the purpose of creating and enhancing customer traffic and sales.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: When linked to your e-commerce store, social media allows you to gain higher engagement rates based on campaigns and offers. This has the effect of boosting sales and, thereby, revenue in the business. The Odoo 17 new features improve the feature of social media integration to ensure a higher engagement rate.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: This makes it easier for teams working on different aspects of a project to be on the same page, working in harmony towards a common cause, as posted on Odoo’s social media.
  • Content Management: Through Odoo, the client can efficiently manage their social media content so that they are always posting fresh and catching content. 
  • Able to track Customers Rating & Reviews: Through integration with social media, Odoo allows you to monitor customer ratings and reviews, which provide crucial information as to customers’ satisfaction levels and, therefore, the quality of goods and services that can be offered to consumers.
  • Security and Authentication: It is also essential for a company to maintain security, especially when activities on social media accounts involve the personal details of the customers, which are safeguarded by Odoo’s platform.

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SMS Gateways Integration with Odoo

Integrating SMS gateways with Odoo helps users send SMS to customers, vendors, or partners right from Odoo. This integration makes it possible to send automatic SMS for different purposes, such as order confirmation, payment reminders, and others, which helps improve customer interaction and communication.

SMS Gateways Integration with Odoo

Features of SMS Gateways

SMS gateways offer several key features that make them a valuable tool for businesses:

  • Dedicated Numbers: SMS gateways offer specific phone numbers that are used to send messages, and with this, SPA messages are not likely to be received as spam. 
  • Multiple Users: Some of the features that are offered by most SMS gateways include but are not limited to allowing multiple users to log in and, at the same time, send various messages. 
  • Expanded Reach: Other communication methods, like using the SMS gateway, can be used with overseas clients with no charges for going international. 
  • Security: SMS gateways ensure that appropriate actions are taken to secure messages that unauthorized persons should not access. 
  • Data Integrity: SMS gateways also offer data integrity checks to show the specifics of all data and information that is being exchanged to drive the appropriate end use of the text-based information that is being traded. 

Benefits of SMS Gateways in Odoo Ecommerce

The following are the benefits of SMS getaways in Odoo ecommerce:

  • Enhanced Customer Communication: An example of a top ERP software manufacturing platform, Odoo eCommerce, delivers customer communication through SMS gateways. Businesses can use these gateways to send notifications such as order confirmation and shipping details to customers, hence improving customers’ trust and loyalty.
  • Improved Customer Service: Due to the following reasons, ICT, specifically the use of SMS gateways, improves customer service since it allows easy access to the business customer bond. They also help customers to seek help or ask questions that immediately put them in touch with the support team, thus achieving the objectives of solving customer problems and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Increased Sales and Marketing Opportunities: This Odoo ERP SMS notification is a great opportunity for Odoo e-commerce businesses on the following selling and marketing fronts. They are useful in delivering promotional information to only those people who are likely to be interested in a particular product or service, sending special offers and great reminder messages about sales or company events.
  • Integration with Odoo Ecosystem: SMS gateways are easily compatible with the Odoo solutions, hence enabling businesses to derive the optimum benefit of having an Odoo environment. Odoo ERP integration services allows businesses to run SMS messages on certain occurrences like order confirmation or delivery, and it also helps measure the performance of the business SMS marketing activities.
  • Customer Retention: Communication through SMS is important for customer relations as it creates a direct channel of communication between the company and its customers, hence helping the company retain its clients. Such an approach, alongside the use of custom Odoo ERP solutions, contributes to the strengthening of long-term cooperation and decreasing attrition rate. 
  • Security and Authentication: SMS gateways are protected by complex encryption and authentication technologies and fully guarantee the uniqueness of the content of sent and received messages. This makes sure that messages are conveyed securely, and you’ll reassemble the customers regarding the messages retrieved with confidence.

Biometric Device Integration with Odoo

Biometric Device Integration with Odoo is the solution to mechanical attendance that allows you to link your biometric devices like fingerprint scanners, face detectors, and cards with the Odoo attendance module. This integration also means that the application takes care of HR attendance, whereby the employees are required to use the Odoo biometric attendance system for biometric authentication and attendance. It also carries real-time attendance details and generates reports on the Odoo application. 

Features of Biometric Device Integration with Odoo

The following are the benefits of Biometric Devices integration with Odoo”

  • Real-time Data Sync: The ‘HR Attendance’ module indeed accepts an immediate push of either the attendance/punch specifics from the biometric devices. This ensures instantaneous, accurate, and up-to-date recordings are made since a machine does them.
  • Broad Compatibility: As it is known widely, biometric device integration module works with all the biometric machines. You may visit our Developer Bot for Biometric Web API to determine compatibility with other brands.
  • Easy Setup: This biometric attendance machine comes with software that means you do not have to depend on the manufacturer alone. However, they have a secure HTTP API through which they can easily interact. 
  • Offline Punch Synchronization: You should not be concerned if your biometric gadget is not working properly. The good thing is that as soon as the device connects to the internet, our module pushes all the offline punches to Odoo. This helps ascertain that attendance information is kept in the process.
  • Scalable and Customizable: The module is of variable size and is easily configured to read biometric and user data from the hardware to suit your requirements. Because it can handle a large number of biometric devices, it can be adopted by companies of all sizes.

Integration of Biometric Devices with Odoo and Its Benefits

The prospect of connecting biometric devices with Odoo is vast, providing several benefits, such as improved security, efficiency, and effectiveness of business processes.

Integration of Biometric Devices with Odoo

Employee Attendance Tracking 

Choosing Odoo ERP implementation partner who can easily set up biometric devices like fingerprint scanners or face recognition systems to avoid having an employee mark their attendance physically to prevent forgery or negligence leading to inefficiency.

Access Control

There is Biometric authentication, which, when implemented, may be used to restrict access to sensitive areas or resources within Odoo ERP for the trading business, such as allowing access to only a particular module or data to authorized users.

Customer Authentication

Biometric identification can then be incorporated into Odoo customer interfaces to enhance security for any operation or user account using Odoo ERP BI features.

Time and Attendance Management for Projects

This data can also be used more effectively to log the time spent by the personnel on a particular project or activity to enhance project control and costs. It is especially helpful to start an online store with Odoo, where it guarantees the right time tracking and payroll calculation.

Visitor Management

The incorporation of biometric devices helps to manage and control visitors by fitting the visitor management system into Odoo, allowing for an Odoo vs ERPNext comparison on which product has a better feature. 

Document Authorization

Odoo document management can be enhanced by using biometric signatures, which can be included in the documents to ensure the documents’ identity and content information.


Company processes integrate Odoo ERP with payment integrations, social networks, SMS systems and biometric systems. These integrations help organizations enhance decision-making and expand by utilizing Odoo ERP data analytics and acquiring proper information. Learning is embraced as this comprehensive strategy allows companies to carry out their operations effectively and competitively in today’s competitive market. 

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What does it take to integrate any Payment gateway into Odoo?

To add a payment gateway to your Odoo, first set up the gateway in Odoo's settings and connect it to your website. How this can be done will depend upon the API of the payment gateway itself or the use of a third-party module.

Is there any possibility of integrating and using a custom SMS gateway in SMS Marketing rather than using IAP SMS for Odoo?

Yes, customization of an SMS Gateway could be integrated into Odoo’s SMS marketing module. One needs to do this by customizing an existing SMS Gateway in the SMS settings section and then connecting it to their Odoo application.

Is there any device that comes with built-in cross-platform APIs?

Sure enough, some devices provide built-in cross-platform APIs. For instance, one such platform is “Odoo”, which has numerous integrations like social media and payment gateways.

How is Social Media Integrated with Odoo?

In order to manage social media accounts, schedule posts, analyze content effectiveness, etc., among others, you can share on social media on your site using the “share snippet” available from the website editor.

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