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Travel Ecommerce System


The travel eCommerce system is for everyone who owns a ‘travel for events’ agency. If you intend to provide travel and hotel packages to your customers who are interested in attending an event, this tour management system can serve as a boon to you. This holiday booking system is ideal for you; irrespective of the type of events you target. It can be sports, fairs, plays, musical concerts or business conferences. Go through some of the most important features of the travel e-commerce system to check out if it fulfils your requirements…

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Information Ocean

You can provide all the information that your customer would want to know; be it about event, tickets, accommodation, prices or payment information. You can provide all the data in the separate tabs systematically, so as to provide an easy and access of information to your customers.

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Once the customer selects the event he wants to attend, he can book the tickets for the same by providing his personal information like name, email address and phone number, to name a few in this online ticket booking system. All the tickets are generated from the third party, for which ticket evolution…

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Travel Packages

The travel agency booking system is simple and easy to use by the users who want to travel and book the hotels for accommodation.Once the customer books the ticket for the event he wants to attend, this online hotel reservation system will provide him with the list of hotels he can stay in…

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In this online reservation system, customers have got two options; either they can do the full payment then and there or do the partial payment, by just paying the deposit amount and then pay the remaining amount later on.

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Cart Page

On clicking Book Now, this integrated booking system will direct customer to the cart, where he will be shown everything he has booked:Event tickets (along with the name of the event, date and time, location, number of tickets, section and description)…

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Check Out

This part is very interesting as the check out is smart enough to understand the details to ask for.Of course, this online booking system asks for the billing and shipping address and shows shipping information…

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Order Success

The Order success page contains all the details on the page itself, instead of just displaying thank you message, so that customer can confirm if all the details are correct.

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All the above mentioned features of this easy booking system were frontend features. However, all these features also exist in the backend. So, the customized order creation can be done from the backend. Also, the admin can edit the orders.

The system streamlines the entire process of your business; right from providing the right information related to events to your customers and booking tickets for the events to travel packages including hotel bookings. This is the one stop solution for all ‘travel for event’ agencies. If you are in the quest of the system that helps you fosters your business process, the travel e-commerce system is just perfect for you.

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