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RewardMob – Digital Marketing

RewardMob is a crypto-gaming platform that rewards the skills of passionate gamers with cash, RMOB tokens (cryptocurrency) and gift cards. The client approached Brainvire for a viral pre-launch marketing strategy. Brainvire’s digital marketers created a buzz about this platform through outreach and viral marketing campaigns. The online contests created by Brainvire engaged the target audience and helped in generating leads before the launch date.
Platform/OS Web, Mobile
Category Education


The gaming platform received over 400 leads within two months of Brainvire’s digital marketing efforts. It also tasted success in the viral contests that witnessed huge participation from enthusiastic gamers. The bonus reward points (RMOB tokens) were a center of attraction of these campaigns. The app had a great launch and crossed 2 Million+ downloads on the App Store within a month.

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