4 Reasons to Choose NopCommerce for your E-commerce Platform Nov 16, 2018

NopCommerce is a popular open-source E-commerce platform built on SQL server, ASP.NET MVC and other technologies. This well-structured solution is a perfect fit for every merchant’s needs.


In short, nopCommerce – the combination of commercial software and open-source is really easy to use, secure and highly-scalable e-commerce platform.

And who does not want such a powerful ASP.NET suite with comprehensive features for their online business?


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As a senior software engineer, I luckily got the opportunity to work on nopCommerce. So, I will explain 4 reasons why this extendable & open source e-commerce platform has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times since it’s release!

  1. Open Source Platform
  2. Easily Customizable & Manageable
  3. Streamlined Payment Gateway
  4. Search Engine Friendly

Now let’s get into the detail of those above-mentioned points without wasting any time. By the end of this blog, you will know why nopCommerce is the best e-commerce platform for your online business.

1.Open Source Platform

First of all, the product is free!

Now don’t step behind thinking that you will not get any support or release updates.

A team of developers, graphic designers, the professional support team are working hard to maintain its standards. But their only aim is to maintain this product and deliver a solid digital solution to the interested customers for free of cost.

If you are tech-savvy, you can easily complete the setup using stuff from the GitHub repository. In fact, there are other options too!

For example, you can install it through your web host or get the complete advantage of Microsoft Azure which automatically takes care of the entire installation process.

2.Easily Customizable & Manageable

Oh! Did I mention earlier, nopCommerce is suitable for both large & small business?

Right from an index based front-end to shopping cart – you can add features as per your business needs. Select modules, add-ons and design your site to make it attractive for your customers.

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Source: www.nopcommerce.com

Another advantage is, nopCommerce is responsive & mobile friendly. We all know the number of mobile users will increase with time. So your digital store should be flexible and responsive enough on the mobile platform else customer will lose their interest. End result- revenue decreases!

Keeping this in mind, the developers made sure this product meet your customer’s expectation who are really interested in browsing websites only on their mobile irrespective of the screen sizes!

Now, coming to the ‘manageable part’-

 what if you have more than one store?

 Or say, multiple vendors?

“nopCommerce is one of the stellar open source ASP.NET e-commerce solution with multi-vendor and multi-store features!”

Well, nopCommerce made it possible to manage multiple vendors and store from a single panel. Get the benefit of seamless integration with multiple vendors and allow your customers to check the integrated catalog.

 Benefits – correct order detail will reach to the correct vendor once the customer purchases a product from your site.

3.Streamlined Payment Gateway

More than 50 different payment gateways!  Surprised?

nopCommerce gives you the option to choose the payment gateway for your online business. It can be pay in store, money orders, cash on delivery, Amazon, Paypal or some other alternative passage.

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nopCommerce can help to decrease the bounce rate during the checkout process which in turn can help you to improve conversion rates.

But what will your customers get?

  • Anonymous checkout: No need to create an account on the site
  • One-page checkout: Number of steps reduced to reach the transaction page or the final page
  • Add optional attributes: Gift wrap, personalized message, a small discount for spending a certain amount, shipping rebates
  • Multiple checkout options
  • Multi-language support
  • Check shipping cost for a specific item(depends on zip code and nation)

Apart from these, you can handle coupons, refunds, and discounts related to your business. Also, you get the option to generate a pdf invoice automatically depending on the scenario.

So much offerings at just one place! A good platform for global shipping process.

4.Search Engine Friendly

I hope you are familiar with the word ‘SEO’ or Search Engine Optimization. This is an important feature for any e-commerce website.

Assume, that you have built a cool website spending a lot of money. If that website is not SEO friendly, then forget revenues – customers will not be interested to reach your website to check products on your website!

So you need to maintain your website in a proper way and that’s where nopCommerce comes in the way.

nopCommerce allows you to create customized URL for your websites.

Tag products with appropriate keywords to get more customers for the products you want to sell.

Next comes the ‘Social Meta Tags’. These tags control the display of your contents and nopCommerce supports this functionality. So you are getting a tool also to improve your site’s performance.

There are a lot of free fascinating nopCommerce themes, plugins along with intuitive layouts are available on the web. In fact, you can customize those themes as per your business needs. And, for your knowledge – nopCommerce runs on the Windows-based environment.

If you are seriously looking for an open-source e-commerce solution then blindly go for nopCommerce. Getting help from an active and growing community at any time is an added advantage. So you don’t have to worry about any technical solution when you are in between some issue.

Nice formats and a good user interface will give your customer the satisfaction they expect when they are shopping on your site.  And which business owner wants to miss this part???

Rich out-of-box features, SEO-friendly URL, additional functionalities, great community support – all you are getting at one place.

Are you really sure that you can ignore this deal? And as per the nopCommerce portal,

“It has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, and we have more than 50,000 live shops built on our platform.”

Reebok, Lee, Jaguar, and others big brands are already using NopCommerce for their online business. Are you ready to join them?

If you are tech savvy or comfortable with latest trends of technologies, then go for this secure, stable and free ASP.NET-based software suite.

My team at Brainvire, excel in exploring the ASP.NET-based open source platform for crafting innovative eCommerce solutions. If you have any such plan then get in touch with us for any further query and services. To learn about Brainvire pay a visit to our website.

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